Flower of Love

Love Poems by Me


I fell in love with you as the man who kept my tears away,

The one who gave me color when my heart was gray.

You were the one who gave me strength and through your smile i did find

My hopes and dreams and fantasies of you becoming mine.

From time to time I saw you and i couldn’t help but wish

For you to be the one that I would always be with.

And now I smile as i write this poem

For you have become the love I get to call my own.

my beloved

Since you came into my life, things have never been the same.

I will love you forever and ever, ever and ever again.

Because of you I smile and I cry, because of you there will be

Love near, close, always, always and always by my side.

I am your indefinitely and indefinitely because

My beloved is mine, and I am my beloved’s.

finding me in you

The sun came up just the other day, my skin felt so warm,

I layed down in a bath of sun and let the heat take my form.

The lids of my eyes were heavy, so fast I let them down,

Into my dreams I looked and incredible things I found.

I found that my life is a movie meant for you to see,

My soul is where you live so that you’ll always come to me.

My mind is a secret meant for you to keep,

My dreams are your castle so you can build on me.

My hopes are your tools to get you through the day,

My passion is your shield to keep the pain away.

I am a book for you always read, your eyes are the pages

So that you look at me.

My freckles are a map meant for you to follow,

I have a lot to be discovered, there’s so much of me to swallow.

My body is a lock, your lips my only keys

I need your kisses day and night to let myself be free.

My love is most important, it is the air you breathe,

It’s what keeps your heart beating just for me.


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  1. mom said,

    wow, i like it.

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